Trichotillomania is an impulsive disorder that causes people to physically pull their hair out from the scalp or any other hair-bearing site around the face or body.


It is a disorder that affects both males and females from children to adults.In children, the disorder can be self-limiting. However, late childhood onsetof the disorder is more common.


People who suffer from this disorder have an irresistible compulsion to twist their hair until it breaks off or pulls out. This action is regarded more of an impulse control or obsessive compulsive disorder due to the complex behavioural patterns which are demonstrated.


The hair pulling process is often brought on in stressful or negative situations, and once pulled gives a feeling of tension or stress relief. But the hair pulling process can also be brought on by anxiety, fatigue or frustration.


Some sufferers of the condition experience a tick like affect of pulling where they do not even realise what they have done until after the

hair has been pulled out. This often occurs from boredom, reading, during sleep or watching television.

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