Telogen Effluviums

Telogen Effluvium is a specific form of diffuse alopecia characterised by hair thinning.


The hair cycle follows sequential phases of growth and rest which each follicle must go through. It starts at the Anagen phase (active hair growth), which accounts for 80 - 85% of hair shafts.  It grows at an average rate of half an inch a month can last for 2 – 8 years before moving on to the catagen phase.


The Catagen phase is regarded as the transitional part of the hair cycle, lasting  2-3 weeks, and accounts for 3% of hair shafts.


The hair then moves into a resting state, known as the Telogen phase, the telogen phase lasts for 2 to 3 months and accounts for 12 – 20% of hair shafts At the end of this phase, the hair shaft vacates the follicle which is the 4th stage of the process referred to as the Exogen phase,  which amounts to 100 – 150 shed hairs a day under normal circumstances.before the hair cycle resumes at the Anagen phase.

Telogen Effluviums can be triggered by;

  • Severe emotional stress

  • Malnutrition from crash diets / eating disorders

  • Iron Deficiency

  • Child birth (rare)

  • Medication such as beta blockers and antidepressants

  • Severe Infection

  • Pyrexia 102.5+ Degrees

Once triggered hair within the growth phase of the hair cycle is pushed prematurely into the telogen stage, this can affect around 30% of hairs and will cause the hair to shed 3 times as much as it's normal rate 300 - 450 hairs a day.

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