Female Pattern Hair Loss

(Androgenic Alopecia)

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) Affects 40% of females beween the ages of 30 - 50 and can affect women as early as in their 20's.

It is a distinct pattern of hair thinning at the crown,  caused by inhereting the FPHL gene from either or both parents and exposure to hormones as the body lack Oestrogen after the menopause which counteracts the testosterone.

Follicular exposure to androgens (testosterone,androsteinedione & dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes progressive follicle miniaturisation together with a reduction in the anagen (hair growing) phase. Vellus hairs are created and remain which gives the appearance of thinned hair at the crown area of the head.

Experts often refer to the Ludwig Scale to help women understand the progression of Female pattern hair loss. This scale groups female hair loss into three classes from the least amount of hair loss to the most.

 Type I.

Hair loss is considered to be mild. Most women may have difficulty noticing that hair loss has occurred, as the frontal hairline remains relatively unaffected. Hair loss may occur on the top and front of the scalp, however. Such hair loss may be noticeable when the hair is parted down the center of the scalp, as more and more scalp will become visible over time.

Type II.

Hair loss is considered moderate. In this stage, women may notice each of the following: Thinning, shedding, general decrease in volume, and a center part that continues to widen over time. Depending on the severity, a hair transplant procedure may be a viable option for women who exhibit a Type II classification.

Type III.

The final and most extreme classification of female hair loss. In this stage, hair is so thin that it has difficulty camouflaging the scalp, rendering it visible to the naked eye. This may be worsened by a number of factors, including hair miniaturization, progressive thinning, and extensive loss. 

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